Thursday, June 16, 2011

What I am wanting to get Vs What do I need??

My list just keeps growing and growing.. When is it enough and when is it just going above and beyond? I don't ever feel you can have enough camera equipment! I am now wanting a speedlite or should I say NEED a speedlite.
This guy can be used in many shoots, but most important if your doing an indoor wedding where there is just not enough light or really deem. I would personally feel this would be a must have for the VERY neer future for me. Next on the list I would say a...
FishEye Lens
This one from Opteka is not very pricey and can be found on Amazon for under $50.00.

No a bad price at all and it adds some cool changes to your photos! Down side I don't think it would get used awhole lot maybe on a special occasion or just playing around!
The next item on the list for me would be labeled under just plain dreaming.

The AWESOME  100-400 Canon zoom Lens. This bad boy can run you over 1,600 bucks! But with a lot of carful looking you might be able to find it closer to 1,000 if  you look really hard!
Do I need this to take great pictures?? NO! Do I want this to take pictures with?? YES!! Will I be getting this anytime soon? NOPE! Maybe if I sell one of my kids or a organ of some type :). But that's never gonna happen so lets move forward shall we? I was at one point wanting the lovely canon 50mm 1.4 but now that I have the 1.8 I really don't see any use in it. The 50mm 1.8 gives me what I am going for and it is very inexpensive compared to the 50mm 1.4 and 50mm 1.2.
I really think I made the better choice here for myself and my wallet. What are some of the things you need or want Camera wise?


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