Tuesday, January 31, 2012

MCP Project 12

I know I am just getting this in under the wire, but January has been a rough month for my family and I.. Between the holidays, and illnesses I am slap wore out! But I really wanted to be apart of this Blog 12 challenge.. For January as always I have so many resolutions, and like most they are not kept! Weather good intentions or not, life is hard and things get in the way! But there is something I am wanting to "resolve"... Learning how to use textures on B&W images! Colored images I find much easier, but black and white?? I don't know why I find them difficult, but to me they never turn out right!! So here is my attempt at a B&W image of my precious son Jason taking after his mothers heart!!! Taking pictures with his camera he got for Christmas... What i used was MCP take the color out, Flora Bella texture action with the texture gesso from Jessica Drossin textures.. I put it on Hard Light at 100% and erased with brush on 50% opacity on the skin. Then dropping the opacity of the brush to go over what was left of the texture at 25%..Next step was running the Flora Bella texture part 2.. I used the sweet sun at 30%, Vignette at 100%, and boosted the rich boost at 33% and towned down the contrast at 15%. Then added the sharpening at 35%. This is what I got after adding my water mark and using PURE presitation for blogs.
I hope to get next months challenge done alot sooner! But would appreciate any suggestions or feedback. Thanks!
Mary Gibson

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A Surprise Engagement!!

I have a fun couple who had graciously agreed to be my models for an upcoming shoot. I was in need of having more to offer my clients and wanted to show the unique things I am able to do for them! No matter what session you are having they can be FUN!! So Nick and Brittany were going to pose as an engaged couple! For me to later learn Mr. Nick was in the process of paying her engagement ring off and later asked if we could make it a real one and I get to capture it all on my camera!!! YAY!! Boy the look on Brittany's face when he really pulled a ring out!! PRICELESS!! YES this was taken in a local library with there permission of corse. Here were some of the images of that session. Please stop by and check out my Facebook page Mary Gibson Photography Images to view all the images from the photo shoot! Thank you!

Jones Wedding 2011

What a wonderful way to end 2011. With an AMAZING wedding!! My Dear friend Sarah and I were given the opportunity to photography the Dickenson/Jones wedding and it was a challange for the both of us, but at the same time fun and what a great feeling of accomplishment for us both! Here were a few beautiful images from there day!

These were some of my favorite B&W images from the wedding! Sometimes color is not needed to make a bold statement. Classic and timeless!
But the color ones add that extra umph that takes the images over the top! What a difference they can make! Thanks again Adam and Krissy! Wishing you the best for years to come!
Please if you have time check out my facebook page Mary Gibson Photography Images to see the rest of the lovely photos. Thank you!