About Me

Hi I am Mary of Mary Gibson Photography Images. Or as I love to call it {MGPI} for short!
My love for photography has always been in my heart & blood. But has really blossomed in the last few years. I am so happy and very blessed to be able to do photography for leasure or business! I make my own rules up! I am a full time mother and wife, PT nursing job, & photographer. It is not easy to fit all my loves in at the end of the day so if something has to be left out then it will be my camera, computer & photoshop! But I am very lucky on most days because my kiddos are reaching school age and 1 is in kindergarten and the other head start! So usually i have 3-4 hrs 4 days a week to myself to do what I need photography wise! So with that said let me tell you a little more about my lovely family...First off My husband James and I have been together for 9 years and have 2 awesome little boys James Jr "Chris"- 6yrs and Jason- almost 4yrs old. Here are our babies.... How cute are they?? Seriously loves of my life!!! I am so proud to be there mommy even on there worst days :). So now on to 
                                                                           some photography... I LOVE my Canon Rebel camera
 I hope to soon upgrade in the very near future to a newer fancy Canon camera, but for now the XS will do. I have learned so much with it.. Taking pictures has been a wonderful experience for me and I thank everyone who has loved, supported, and prayed for me along the way.. Thank You and God Bless! {MGPI} Has now branched into a photography studio that I share with 2 other talanted ladies I love to call friends. Jennifer from JenniferLynnImages and Sarah from BeeSweetCreations. Some of the very best ladies I have ever had the pleasure in working with! Thank you girls!!!